Smart Vending & Pick Up Solutions

Position your brand 24/7 in high-traffic areas and combine digital communication with the product availability of a vending machine.

Increased impact for your brand and products

Showcase your products via an interactive interface. Raise brand awareness and increase attention with targeted animated advertising.

Manage & monitor your locations

The vending platform as the central element for management and supervision provides data such as device status, product levels, advertising content and sales data.

Structured teamwork

An extensive permission system makes it possible to work with internal as well as external cooperation partners using customised accesses.

Popular payment methods

Use established payment options such as Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro, Apple Pay as well as many more.

Appealing advertising space

Use the units together with the generous digital screen to showcase your brand.

Maintain an overview

Stay updated with automated notifications and a dashboard with full reports.

Smart Vending Solution for your brand

The Smart Vending Solution allows you to position your brand in high-traffic areas, sell your products and pick up pre-ordered products with Click & Collect via 24/7 Pick Up Points. The positioning is usually at locations such as airports or train stations, or in existing stores in the form of a shop-in-shop concept. The solution connects with multiple interfaces for product and ordering systems as well as all digital signage tools such as cameras, user analytics, and fits seamlessly into your omni-channels. The Smart Vending CMS can manage all locations and machines connected to your ERP, ticketing or inventory management system.

Smart Vending Solution

A sophisticated sales and marketing tool

The Grassfish solution transforms the vending machine into a high-value sales and marketing touchpoint for your customer’s journey. Premium products besides snacks and beverages, need a different presentation than conventional vending machines can offer. The dispensing of goods is just one function; the presentation of your products, brand messages, interaction via touchscreen and the possibility to generate customer data are the benefits of the Grassfish Smart Vending solution.

Position your Smart Vending machines at highly frequented locations and increase 24/7 awareness for your brand. The advanced analytics dashboard helps you keep track of inventory levels, sales figures and machine status. Pricing and products can be edited in real time via the vending platform for your locations. The Smart Vending Solution operates without any staff and is available in many languages.

"Combine a powerful marketing tool, Smart Vending and Click & Collect"

Click & Collect

Automated In-Store Pickup Solution

Expand your service offering with Pick Up Points to allow for 24/7 collection and drop off of products outside of business hours. 

Supply Chain Efficiency

Build a digital retail supply chain and ensure complete cost control over the entirety of your equipment.

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