Smart Dispensing & Pick Up Solutions

Combine automated ordering and dispensing with high service availability

Reduction of process costs

Integration into ERP, ordering and authorisation systems enables fully automated procedures and ensures efficient process and cost reductions.

Managing & monitoring via central CMS

The platform is the central component for the management of inventory and users. Create product dispensing rules and develop measures based on corresponding evaluations.

Authentication & Billing Methods

Use of existing authentication methods such as employee smart cards, QR codes and common billing methods.

Digital User Interface

Use the 46" display for detailed information about your equipment, company news and staff programmes.

Increased service availability

Pick-up of C-parts for your employees as the need arises. The available assortment and availability can be viewed and pre-ordered via an app.

Detailed reporting

Stay up to date! Detailed notifications and evaluations, create the basis for the optimisation of your processes.

Smart Dispensing Solutions for your business

Your wish for efficient and automated dispensing of C-parts/IT equipment has become a reality! In the corporate sector, the Smart Dispensing Solution offers completely new possibilities for dispensing equipment and automation of procurement processes. The solution communicates with existing user databases, inventory and ordering systems, ticketing and billing tools. Employees are authenticated by staff card or badge, to pick up the required equipment. This allows for cost-centred billing. Automated notifications provide insight into inventory and equipment status which then trigger the necessary actions.

Smart Dispensing Solution

The vending solution can also be used for managing facility equipment, office supplies and much, much more.

 Your wish for efficient and automated dispensing of C-parts/IT equipment has become a reality!

Grassfish Smart Dispensing Solutions allows you to offer your employees a quick and easy way of picking up work related items such as IT and office supplies – and not be bound by office hours, time-consuming procedures, as well as order and delivery times. The smart solution via digital output units, allows for immediate pick-up.

A central management system combines these advantages with inventory management, cost control and centralized billing. For high-value items such as notebooks, an automated purchasing and authorisation process is in place.

The result is a significant reduction in processing costs, more transparency and a considerable improvement in service quality for your workforce.

"Replace your costly output, approval and administration processes with an automated solution."

Pick Up Solution

Automated Pick Up & Storage Solution

Expand your service range with Pickup Points allowing pickup and depositing of equipment & supplies outside of office hours 24/7. Lighten the load on your IT support and allow laptops, phones or keyboards to be issued via Smart Dispensing machines & Pick Up Points.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Build a digital supply chain and ensure complete cost control over the entirety of your equipment.

Modular design

The Smart Dispensing Solution offers you various hardware components that can be combined in a modular fashion. The Smart Dispensing Machine can be used standalone or in combination with a Locker or Pick Up Point. To deposit or provide for larger objects such as laptops, or suitcases for business trips, the Locker is the right choice. It is available as a standalone unit, or in combination with a Smart Dispensing Machine.

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