Smart Vending solutions by Grassfish

Smart Vending and Dispensing Solutions

We offer a cloud-based platform to manage Vending Solutions at scale.


Smart Vending & Pick Up Solutions

Combine a digital communication tool with the 24/7 product availability of a vending machine. Grassfish's Smart Vending Solution is a new channel to strengthen brand awareness and to distribute and sell your products. With the Smart Vending Solution you get a full-fledged marketing tool for your campaigns.


Smart Dispending & Pick Up Solutions

With Grassfish Smart Dispensing Solutions, you can offer your employees quick and easy procurement of work equipment such as IT and office supplies - regardless of office opening hours, time-consuming processes, or order and delivery times. Thanks to the smart solution via digital output devices, immediate collection - on the go - is possible.

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Slavica Ristic – Head of Vending Solutions